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VIDEO: Rubberneckers Cause Another Accident


My truck was totalled in a rear-end accident back in March just outside of Denver on I-25. I felt terrible that my vehicle was blocking 2 lanes of southbound I-25 traffic. But what enraged me wasn't the fact that someone rear ended my vehicle - it was the #$@*%& who was taking photos on his phone as he was driving by."

Shock comic Jim Norton said "Until there is an accident in the southbound lane, and northbound lane maintains 65 miles an hour, then I will believe people when they say they value privacy." Couldn't have said it better myself. (See the rest of his rant here. Beware: NSFW language.)

Go down I-25 on any given day, and if there is an accident on one side, you can bet that the other side will grind to a halt. Our fine traffic reporters call this "curiosity slowing." I call it "you are being an *#@%."

Take a look at this video from Sacramento. Instead of keeping their eyes on the road, they caused another series of accidents. All I got to say is the motorist in the white pickup is very lucky he didn't get out of his truck. 




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