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Tattoo Removal Industry Surging Across U.S.


Do you have a tattoo that you regret? I have one myself. But I've learned to live with it and share it as one of those situations to say that what you think is something that may be your life at that time will probably be a lot different years down the road. 

CBC News reports that a market research firm is putting the tattoo removal industry's worth in the United States at $75.5 million - a 500 percent increase from 10 years ago.

Anyone who has tried to Ctrl + Z their tattoo will find that it's not cheap, and very painful. A man featured by CBC News is paying $5,000 to have his cliché tribal tattoo removed - the same tattoo he got for $400. 

If you had a bad tattoo, would you have it removed, or try to get it covered up? 

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