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Russian soldier caught in Ukrainian territory thanks to Instagram


While Russia denies having soldiers in Ukraine, a "selfie-addicted" soldier may hold the smoking gun that shows Russian troops are in the disputed territory.

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24-year-old Russian "communications expert" Sanya Sotkin has been posting photos to Instagram, much of which are "selfies." As he's uploaded photos to Instagram, he neglected to turn the privacy settings off, and allowed the app to share the location where the photos were taken. As a result, his photomap shows the him near Ukrainian towns in images taken earlier this month.

Don't Share Your Location Info

While most of us aren't on military missions in places we shouldn't be, the best way to avoid a situation like Sotkin's is to ensure the pictures you post are not geotagged with GPS data. Before you share a photo, ensure the "Add to Photo Map" option is turned off. 

If you already have added a lot of photos with Geotag information on them, you can strip them from the photo. Check out the Instagram Help page for details on how to do this.

You can also set your posts to private. To do this, go into your profile settings and select the POSTS ARE PRIVATE option. This way, the only people who have access to your feed are those you allow to see your posts. 


(H/T to The Drum)


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