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Police Urge Removing Stick Family Decals


Stick Family drawing
Police are recommending removing stickers such as these from the backs of minivans. (Artwork by: Tom Lucero/CCME)

According to WABC-TV in New York, police are encouraging parents to use caution - and consider removing - certain bumper stickers from their vehicles. 

Tom's bumper stickers
Use discretion when putting up bumper stickers on your vehicle. Try not to let your decals give away too much personal information. These decals on my truck show my Colorado State Alumnus status, and one of my favorite bands, The Devil Wears Prada. (Photo Credit: Tom Lucero/CCME)

The bumper stickers they are discouraging are the "stick family" bumper stickers that are popular on minivans. Police are encouraging people to not use them due to the fact that they can show where parents work, go to school or provide other information that criminals need to rob a home or hurt a family. 

The best advice, just like any situation - use discretion on the stickers you do put on your vehicle. If you do put a stick family on the back of your car, be vigilant of other stickers you put on - such as where your student may be an honor student, or the parking sticker on your vehicle. 

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