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My Ride on MAX


On Saturday, MAX began service up and down the Mason Corridor. I was at the Downtown Transit Center on Saturday morning, watching the first southbound bus launch, and saw the MAX buses arrive almost every 10 minutes. 

Later on in the afternoon, my friend asked if I wanted to meet him and his brother at a restaurant downtown. I said sure, but the thought on my mind was that parking can be such a hassle near CSU and downtown. So I told him "I'll meet you at 5:30 - I'm going to take the MAX bus." 

Boarding the MAX Bus
Fort Collins residents board the new first southbound MAX Bus Rapid Transit bus at the Downtown Transit Center on Saturday, May 10.(Photo Credit: Tom Lucero/CCME)

I drove the new South Transit Center, located at 4915 Fossil Blvd., just south of Spradley-Barr in Fort Collins. I parked my vehicle and quickly boarded the MAX bus that was waiting. The bus went up a special path along Mason Street, passing by stations at most major streets. 

The ride went by pretty fast. It took a little longer to get to my destination because there was a train on the tracks adjacent to the MAX route. According to Transfort spokespersons, the BNSF Railroad requires the MAX bus stop and not travel while on the right-of-way. It just goes to show that even MAX can get held up by the train in Fort Collins. 

Eventually I ended up at my destination. It was quick, easy, and pretty painless. 

Dinner was over, and it was time to return home. I boarded the MAX bus at the Laurel Station, and took the MAX bus back to the South Transit Center. I got back in my truck, and was back home within 20 minutes of getting on the MAX bus. 

Will I ride MAX again? You bet! It was worth the short train delay to not have to worry about finding a parking spot downtown or paying for parking at a parking garage downtown. Parking at the South Transit Center was easy and the bus was fast. I might even ride my fixie to a station. You can board the bus with your bike, which is secured in one of 4 bike holders. 

It is the transit solution Fort Collins needed. 

Get the App 

I test drove the new Ride Transfort app. As I said in a prior post, Currently, the app is only available for iOS, but the Android app is coming soon.

For the first time, Transfort riders have real time bus information at their fingertips.  Save your favorite bus stop on the app for quick bus arrival information, plus get real time bus location information. 

Click the button below to download the App now from the Apple App Store

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