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With services such as Netflix and Hulu competing to bring you your favorite TV shows online, a new service called Aereo has come to the Denver area, allowing users to watch TV broadcasts on their computers, tablets and mobile phones. 

The service works with an array of antennae that pick up broadcasts over-the-air, sending them out to subscribers to watch on an internet enabled device. For an $8/month subscription, a user can have access to one "antenna" and 20 hours of DVR space. For $4 more, users can have access to another "antenna" and more DVR space. With the upgrade, users can record more than one TV show at a time. 

I've been testing out the service lately, and for the most part, the service is acceptable. I've had a little bit of trouble watching some programs on my laptop at home. I was able to catch part of the Broncos game live on NBC from my iPad, as well as record an episdoe of The Simpsons to watch later. 

Some of the current drawbacks to the service include no native iOS app. They currently have a beta version of an Android app, and integration with Roku devices. Users with Apple TV can view their recordings on the device when AirPlay is enabled. 

Those interested can try the service for free at 

Have you tried Aereo? What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below, or post a response on my Facebook page or tweet at @WebGuyTom.

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