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Mollie Patel

25 Unnecessary-but-Desirable Travel Items

25 Unnecessary-but-Desirable Travel Items

As I was getting ready for my upcoming trip to Minneapolis, I wondered why in the heck I need to bring a GPS with me on the road. I have one on my iPhone, so...Why do I need a second one? 

This got me thinking: What other travel gadgets or miscellaneous items do we NOT need to take with us, but do anyway?

A quick Google search brought me this list from CNN of 25 unnecessary but desirable travel gadgets. On that list include the following:

  • Narrative clip-on camera
  • Modern-twist mark-mat
  • Dom Reilly Watch Roll
  • Smythson Chameleon Collection Travel Journal
  • Fitkit fitness solution
  • SleepPhones
  • Scottevest Blackout Pocket
  • Panasonic HX-A500 wearable camcorder
  • BioLite CampStove
  • Clever Travel Companion secure clothing

Find the rest of the list HERE.


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